Looking Back

I used to think that New Year’s was just about staying up late and counting down.  It’s more than that… it’s like the sequel to Thanksgiving 😀 It’s a time to remind yourself of what you are thankful for, what could be improved, and how you will go about it.

Some many things happened to me this year.  Like, I became a Cimorelli fan!!! ❤

But seriously.

I’ve learnt a lot of things about myself this year. This summer I spent three weeks at summer camp (my first stay away from home) and realized how independent I am.

I also met people who made me feel insecure about myself for the first time.  This forced me to take stock of my true personality, and to remember all my beautiful aspects; I relearned how to appreciate myself.

I also met some amazing people who changed the way I see the world forever. These people strengthened my resolve to strive for fairdom.

I took two challenging college courses this past semester, and though I wanted to throw my hands up many times, I had an incredible support group (my family) and I realized how capable I am of working hard.  Although it was a difficult thing to undertake, I grew two metaphorical inches because of it.

Most of all I learnt that this quote is true:  “Everything will be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.”  And I might add that it’s also your attitude that determines the “alright-ness” of a situation.  Tears don’t mean you’re losing.

2012 has been a truly transformative year, and I can’t wait for 2013.

Stay tuned for my New Year’s resolutions after midnight 😉

Peace ❤


Quote of the Day

The ancient Greeks were the first to psychoanalyze, which is what makes them so cool.  They also wrote the first plays, and had strong female goddesses.

And yet their women were very repressed.  Go figure.

“Solitude is very

dangerous, great passions grow into monsters

In the dark of the mind; but if you share them with loving

friends they remain human, they can be endured.”

~Euripides, Medea