Where to Start

If you’re wondering where to start your college search, here are some great colleges that I considered, or applied to:

Acadia UniversityPRO:  Oldest college in Canada.  Fast admissions decision.  Prestigious, cheap, area warmer than most parts of Canada(Nova Scotia).  CON:  ??

Bard CollegePRO:  Great professors, beautiful campus.  Not all the students are weird!  CON:  Close to town, but you need a car.  No wifi in certain dorms.

SUNY Binghamton – PRO:  Really friendly.  The best SUNY along with Geneseo.  CON:  Area not amazing.

Boston University – PRO:  Great surrounding area (Boston).  Big school, Kilachand Honors College provides smaller classes.  CON:  Some students feel lost in the largeness of the school.

Brown University – PRO:  Great surrounding area (Providence!!!).  No core-curriculum.  Beautiful campus.  Good name.  CON:  Two SAT Subject tests.  Competitive.

Evergreen State College – PRO:  Great classes.  Public university with a private liberal artsy feel.  Washington state.  CON:  Middle of nowhere.

Smith College – PRO:  Nurturing, all-girl, empowering, great area (Northampton, MA).  CON:  They take a while to reply about financial aid.

St. John’s College – PRO:  Really friendly admissions people.  Everyone studies the same thing: Ancient Greek, the classics, geometry, philosophy.  Two campus (Annapolis, Santa Fe).  CON:  No Majors.  And you only get notified your full financial package once you accept to attend.

UChicago – PRO:  Awesome architecture, good professors, Chicago!  CON:  Cold.

Wesleyan University – PRO:  Small, more like a college with a little graduate program.  Creativity encouraged, good education!  CON:  Middle of nowhere.

Williams College – PRO:  Best liberal arts college in the USA.  Wonderful teachers, engaged students, fun campus feel.  CON:  Requires 2 subject SATs.

What do you think?

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