Expanding Horizons Part 2

Once I figured out that learning doesn’t necessarily require immediate understanding, I got really excited!

This was a whole new way of looking at things for me!

During one of our classes, our teacher showed us this short video:

Even though this dance has no explicit meaning, it leaves you with an aftertaste.  You’re not sure what just happened, but it’s intense, it’s jarring, it’s sad, it’s bittersweet…  I feel appreciation, even though I feel no understanding (in the traditional sense of understanding).

At the end of the second week, we went to the college museum.  We went to see an exhibit by Haim Steinbach.  When I read the description, I almost laughed out loud.  Okay, I was at peace with confusion and not understanding now.  But this?  How could I appreciate this?

It's just seemingly unrelated things…

It’s just seemingly unrelated things…

…place next to each other on shelves.

…placed next to each other on shelves.

Really?  But when I read his explanation for it, I wanted to like it immediately.  He said that when we look at things in everyday life, we define them by their context.  When you see something in a kitchen, then you usually assume it’s used for cooking.  But what he’s doing is experimenting with our perception.  What if you take something out of it’s context?  What is its definition now?  He wants us to ask “Why is the the dog toy next to the woman?  What do they have to do with eachother?”  Because maybe then, we’ll think of those objects differently.  That was my take on it anyway.

So that’s my new perspective on art now.  Thanks to L&T, I am way more open to new things.  Obviously, these two posts aren’t going to convince you––you may be thinking, “I still don’t see what the big deal is,” or “Okay, college has gotten to her, she’s nuts!”

But you really need to immerse yourself in an environment like L&T to free your inhibitions.  Even if that doesn’t change your view on art, it will show you that there are so many new paths for you to explore, and you didn’t see them before because they don’t look like paths; some go up, some go down, and some bend around sideways in a möbius strip to more questions.




Cat Walk

Last week we tried to take Mr. Buddy for a walk.  We figured, after his last adventure, that he REALLY wanted to go outside… so we bought him a leash and a little harness.

I decided we should document his first “walk” for future amusement.

I say “walk” because it turns out that cats don’t “walk” like dogs do.  For some reason, Mr. Buddy cannot equate a tug to mean “this way” or a sidewalk to mean “walk along this thing.”  Instead, he putters around, tries to hide, or doesn’t move at all.  And despite days of staring wistfully outside, he wanted to return as soon as we brought him out.

What can you do?

But anyway, I thought you guys might like to see Mr. Buddy in the flesh, and witness the hardships that his terrible sisters made him endure.

Musical Joy

Salvete Amici,

I hope I find you well, but if not, watch this movie!   (And even if you’re feeling fine, watch it!)  It’s a gorgeous stop animation that my aunt sent me this morning.  I have made stop animations with my friends before, and I can tell you, this must have taken ages to make.

This is a beautiful little film, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

(The song is in Japanese, by the way).





3, 2, 1…  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m sure we’re all pretty tired, so I’ll be quick!

My resolutions:

-Go to sleep no later than 9:30pm every night.  I know I will be happier in the morning.

-Do Sun Salutation every morning.

-Be more patient.  With others and myself.


-Stop eating chocolate after dinner!

-Make an effort to dress fashionably, or be happy with how I dress.

-Study hard.  This is the last lap!

-Vacuum room at least once a month.  Come on.

-Let go of problems, or be dragged along 😀

-Stop complaining about First World Problems!!