A representation of my ideal world, or, a place where all beings treat each other fairly and respectfully.  I hope that by writing this blog, I can better express what it is that makes me tick, makes me laugh, and makes me think.  By brainstorming with myself, I wish to elucidate what I can do in my every day life to achieve  Fairdom for me and for those around me.


An Australian Aboriginal name that means “from the high ground.”  I like this name because I always have my head in the clouds.  I like to think, make up stories, imagine alternate scenarios, and dream.  The ‘N’ that I usual put as my last initial stands for Noonie which is a family nickname of mine.  I chose the name Pindari because a) It sounds really nice and I like the meaning, b) because I don’t want my future employer to look me up and find a blog with my every whimsy and opinion!


A life of learning.  I was homeschooled since age five, and I have never looked back.  My first three years I was actually unschooled, which means minimal actual “class” time and lots of hands on learning.  During my unschooled years I lived in Japan, took lots of fieldtrips, spent hours playing and inventing stories with my little sister, and read many, many books.  When I was eight I started doing math every day, and slowly incorporated in the other subjects and extra-curriculars until my schedule reached the normal insane capacity of a homeschooler’s.  When I reached the high school level, some subjects were getting harder to do on my own, and I wanted a teacher that could answer my questions.  The highschools in my area weren’t great, and I wanted to continue homeschooling, so I took advantage of some programs at local colleges that let high schoolers take a few courses.

What I love about homeschooling is that it allows the parent (the person who knows the child the best) to design the curriculum and teach their child in the way they know will work.  I believe that this is good especially for students who have many questions, or for students who would fall behind because their needs are lost among the throng of other students.  I am so thankful that my mother made the decision to homeschool me and my sister and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Greek Gods:

Different from humans, only because they never learned from their mistakes.  The Olympians have been my sort of ‘elective’ ever since I first heard about them in 2nd grade.  I have a huge illustrated book of all the myths (called D’Aulaire’s  Book of Greek Myths) which I read cover to cover as a child.  What really strikes me about the Greek myths, as oppose to other pantheistic mythologies, is that they really seem to have character.  They are divine, but as I said before, deeply flawed.  They have everything that humans want, immortality, youth, powers, and yet they spend their days courting, testing, and watching humans.  Humans, who are fleeting and mortal.  I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.


“Hello (everyone)” in Latin.  Most people think Latin is a dead language, but I think, hey, there’s this great language and it needs to be used!


What do you think?

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