You’ve probably heard me mention “L&T” or “my freshman orientation program” several times.

Guess I better explain myself 😀

Here it is:  My college has a three week freshman orientation program called Language & Thinking, or L&T for short.

It is designed to transform students from mere highschool graduates to analytical, free-thinking, college-ready freshmen.

For three weeks, we met with our class of 12 and wrote.  We wrote freewrites, focused free-freewrites, or responses, and poems.  Sometimes we had to collaborate in groups to create presentations, dances, or art, and each night we were assigned two or three texts to read.  Our homework spanned from Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, to Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition.

The end of L&T culminated in a huge symposium where all the different classes performed skits based on our readings for each other.  It was way cooler than it sounds, and we had a great time.


A girl (probably free-writing) during L&T

PS.  One of my would-be roommates was actually in the same L&T class as me!

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