Winter Update

Salvete Amici!

Sorry for the late update; finals were rough!  My chemistry was a little easier though because I found out that I didn’t need to take second semester chem, and I wasn’t as nervous about my grade.

I’m living on campus again for almost 3 weeks.  My college has two special freshman  programs, and this is the second one, Citizen Science.  The idea of CitSci is to teach all the students to be intelligent information seekers when it comes to science, as oppose to passively accepting what we see online or in the media.

So far, it’s fun, and my roommate is really nice!  The campus walkways are slippery, and the food is terrible, but I’m happy to see my friends again!  Oh, and my driving is getting better!  No license yet, though…

Well, I’m off to breakfast!



Cat Walk

Last week we tried to take Mr. Buddy for a walk.  We figured, after his last adventure, that he REALLY wanted to go outside… so we bought him a leash and a little harness.

I decided we should document his first “walk” for future amusement.

I say “walk” because it turns out that cats don’t “walk” like dogs do.  For some reason, Mr. Buddy cannot equate a tug to mean “this way” or a sidewalk to mean “walk along this thing.”  Instead, he putters around, tries to hide, or doesn’t move at all.  And despite days of staring wistfully outside, he wanted to return as soon as we brought him out.

What can you do?

But anyway, I thought you guys might like to see Mr. Buddy in the flesh, and witness the hardships that his terrible sisters made him endure.