The Perks of Being Heartless

Today I was forced to watch the movie Contagion for our science class.

I do not recommend this movie.  I have always been a very imaginative and sensitive person when it comes to movies, and this one was no exception.  I was already stifling horrified tears ten minutes in as the camera shot long takes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character foaming at the mouth as her young son looked on.

Finally I decided that the only way I could live through this movie was to become utterly heartless.  Every time I thought a character would die, I thought, “Good, yes, I want them to die.  People ruin the earth anyway.  We need to die off.”  It helped a little, but now that the movie’s over I still cannot shake this feeling of remorse and terror and not-wanting-to-touch-anything in my gut.

Rant Time:  Why was this movie made??  Why would anyone want to watch a movie that will freak you out??  Why on earth would someone buy a dvd of this movie???  And why did my professor make us watch it??

I am very.  Very.  Unhappy.