The Perks of Being Heartless

Today I was forced to watch the movie Contagion for our science class.

I do not recommend this movie.  I have always been a very imaginative and sensitive person when it comes to movies, and this one was no exception.  I was already stifling horrified tears ten minutes in as the camera shot long takes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character foaming at the mouth as her young son looked on.

Finally I decided that the only way I could live through this movie was to become utterly heartless.  Every time I thought a character would die, I thought, “Good, yes, I want them to die.  People ruin the earth anyway.  We need to die off.”  It helped a little, but now that the movie’s over I still cannot shake this feeling of remorse and terror and not-wanting-to-touch-anything in my gut.

Rant Time:  Why was this movie made??  Why would anyone want to watch a movie that will freak you out??  Why on earth would someone buy a dvd of this movie???  And why did my professor make us watch it??

I am very.  Very.  Unhappy.


First Day of School

Salvete Amici!

Update:  I’m still alive, and well 😉

This past week I have been prepping to (technically) start school again.  Actually, I never stopped, but today marks the day that my college courses began again, so it’s back to the grind.

Since I will have way more homework, and since I want to make sure I don’t mess up this senior year of mine, I may not be posting as much.

But since I have a few spare moments (yay) I’ll fill you in.

This weekend I was an intern for a short play marathon!  It was the same thing that I auditioned for.  But instead of getting a part, the director of the program invited me to be a PA, and I readily accepted;  I knew I would get to work closely with directors, and watch professional actors in action!  So what made this event so special?  Basically, it was an intensive.  The actors and directors all arrived at 11:3oam, rehearsed together for the first time, and performed the full production that evening at 8pm.  Also, the performance was in the promenade style, which means that the audience moved around the room to different stations for each play.  All in all it was a great success, leaving all involved excited and exhausted!  You can check out the theater company here, and see the pictures of the marathon on their facebook page.

Other than that, I spent the last week of my break searching for scholarships.  Even though I finished the college and financial application processes, it’s… never really finished.  Basically, searching for scholarships is not a mandatory step, but I am doing it because if gives you an extra cushion of money in case the school doesn’t want to finance you all the way.  In some cases, applying for scholarships can be almost as difficult as applying for college!  Many large scholarships require a recommendation letter, interview and essay!  But I wanted to take it easy, so I found a few sites that have creative scholarships, that are fun and easy(er) to fill out.  You will be able to find the list here soon.

Yesterday, I watched the latest Downton Abbey episode.  For those of you who have seen it, you know how I feel :’O

I met a nice girl in class today, and my teacher is very approachable and encourages questions!  I think this is going to be a good semester.