Fall Break

Salvete Amici,

Today is the last day of fall break for me.  I’ll only have one class tomorrow, though, so it’ll be a nice way of easing back into school.

Many things have happened, but I don’t want to be too long-winded (since I’m trying to catch up on a bit of reading for tomorrow) so here’s a list:

1.  I’m a clubhead!  My group is called Sacred Harp*, and it’s a type of old American a capella singing with roots in the Primitive Baptist tradition.

2.  I changed my major.  At first I thought I was going to be Bio, now I’m leaning more towards Math.

3.  I’ve started taking driving lessons, and I’m practicing every day!

4.  I popped a tire during my practice yesterday, and I felt so bad 😀  But it was really fun replacing it with my dad.

5.  I met some smart, interesting, awesome friends at college.

6.  Mr. Buddy pooped on my sister’s bed.

That’s all for now,

Happy Fall!



*For more examples of Sacred Harp songs, please check my Links page!



Salvete Amici!

Today, I got my roommate assignment.  It wasn’t what I expected.

Turns out, I will be housed in a  triple.  So, instead of one roommate, I will have two.  I took a deep breatj, and i thought, Okay.  It’s only 3 weeks.  I can handle that.

Then I read the names…

They were both boys!!



Now that freaked me out.  But then I took another breath and thought about it.  I’m an underage girl.  There is no way that this could NOT be a mix-up, even though my college is (arguably) the most liberal one in all America.

Also, my real name sounds like it could be a boy’s name, so maybe they thought I was a boy.

Anyway, I emailed the reslife people, and we’ll see what they tell me…

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!



Take a Break

Almost as important as studying is taking a break.  Sometimes it’s great to just barrel through your homework until it’s done, but other times, breaks are necessary.  They keep you sane, and on occasion, they can stimulate the creative juices and improve further study.  Either way, it’s not healthy to be sitting in a chair hunched over work for three hours straight!  Walk it out!  Eat an orange!  Make some origami!  The only thing you should avoid is surfing the internet.  Like right now.

I am exempt from that rule because I wrote this post before the school year started so that I could post it quickly during a break!

Besides, there’s no way I can continue working during a cat-imposed break:






Rant Time & Update

Salvete Amici,


Yesterday I got a facebook friend request.  From my sister’s friends.  From a 12 year old.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this felt morally wrong to me.  Why?

1)  Facebook is a place where stupid mistakes happen.  It’s so easy, when you’re a tween, to put out too much personal information, get into facebook fights, post pictures you’ll regret, etc.,.  The list goes on.  Even my dad posts things that he regrets, and he’s middle-aged.

2)I really don’t think it’s a place that young tweens should be wasting their time on.  I didn’t even get a facebook until last year, and I don’t think it majorly revolutionized my life in any way…  There are so many more meaningful things a kid can be doing that trolling through their friend’s friends’ pages.

3)  Most importantly, my sister is not allowed to have a facebook.  And if I ‘friend’ her friend it would be like saying, I don’t respect a) the facebok regulations (ages 13 and up only) but mostly b) my parent’s beliefs and parenting ideas.

Anyway, maybe I’m just old-fashioned…  : /


Wow, so many things have happened!  In no particular order-

1)  My Biology teacher wears a different tie every class and I just think that’s so cool.  I decided to get one too.  Holla if you like the girl-wearing-tie fashion!


2)  My Dad had to leave today.  He’s going to be in another country for three months!  😦  I’m really going to miss him, but it’s for his job so I guess that’s good.  I also wish I could go with him 😀  I want to travel!!  But yeah, I’m a little sad today…

3)  Not to promote myself but––I made a picture the day before yesterday and  I’m really proud of it…!


4)  I’m going to be singing in a recital at a Nursing Home pretty soon.  I feel like it’s such a wonderful thing to bring young people and music into the lives of these seniors so I’m pretty excited.

5)  I attended an online college fair about studying in Canada, and decided to apply to yet another school.  I know, I know, I said 11 schools is enough but it was a good deal.  Here’s why:

a) The application fee was $24 dollars (as opposed to $75 for American colleges).

b) Studying in Canada is overall WAY cheaper than studying in the US.

c) The application process is quick.  No essays, or teacher recommendations.  It’s a dream come true.

d) I’m worried that I won’t get accepted anywhere!!!!  I just had too!!  Just in case!!!

e) This particular school notifies you if you’ve been accepted 3-4 days after you apply!!

f) I’ve always wanted to go to Canada.  This school is Nova Scotia which is supposed to be a gem.


Give yourself a high-five if you survived this post!

As for me, I should go do some homework…

Peace 😉


Cat Walk

Last week we tried to take Mr. Buddy for a walk.  We figured, after his last adventure, that he REALLY wanted to go outside… so we bought him a leash and a little harness.

I decided we should document his first “walk” for future amusement.

I say “walk” because it turns out that cats don’t “walk” like dogs do.  For some reason, Mr. Buddy cannot equate a tug to mean “this way” or a sidewalk to mean “walk along this thing.”  Instead, he putters around, tries to hide, or doesn’t move at all.  And despite days of staring wistfully outside, he wanted to return as soon as we brought him out.

What can you do?

But anyway, I thought you guys might like to see Mr. Buddy in the flesh, and witness the hardships that his terrible sisters made him endure.

A Scare

Salvete Amici,

Something really scary happened recently.  You may or may not be acquainted with my cat:

I call him "Mr. Buddy."

I call him “Mr. Buddy.”

He is quite a character, and he was actually a somewhat of a wild cat before we took him into our home.  But since he had a habit of getting quarrelsome with other cats, and accumulating more ticks than is usually possible, we decided to make him an indoor cat.  And after we moved, we thought that letting him out of the house would only confuse him.  So now he’s an indoor kitty.

But only grudgingly so.  He inspects the front door anytime anyone goes in or out, and sometimes sits watching it intently for many minutes.  He has been known to make escape attempts.  He never got very far, though.

But a few days ago, my dad and his friend were loading this into the house, and while doing this, they left the front door ajar…  Fast forward two hours.  My sister remarked during dinner that she hadn’t seen the cat all day.

Our friend mentioned he saw the cat walking the around the yard, and we all stared at him.  WHAT?  The cat got OUT?  Knowing my cat, he was so eager to leave… what if he never came back?

Long story short, a bunch of us went out into the cold as a search party, only to return twenty minutes later to find him sitting on the porch.  He ran to his food bowl as soon as we let him in.

Moral:  Cat will never go far, because he will always be hungry at some-point.  Moral #2:  Cat is sneaky!