I’m Finally Here! (and Homesick…)

Salvete Amici,

It’s the first day of college!  Actually, it’s the first day of freshman orientation, which is kind of like a logic, thinking, and writing intensive, but I’m in my dorm, so hey.

Things have been good.  I met some cool people, but they’re all either on a different floor, or in a different dorm, and I’m feeling kind of lonely in my single.  Here’s the thing:  I feel like I have no right to complain, I mean, I have a single!  But… all the people on my floor are really hipster-y and some are off to get high right now, and all the girls are already friends––It’s just a perfect time for the homesickness to creep in…

Out of the other girls that I have met, 3 or them are on the same floor together, and two of the others are roommates.

Okay, I need to stop with the pity party.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t want to worry my parents, so I’m dumping it all on you 😀

Well… it’s time for some more icebreaker games, so I better go.

Wish me luck!




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