Rant Time & Update

Salvete Amici,


Yesterday I got a facebook friend request.  From my sister’s friends.  From a 12 year old.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this felt morally wrong to me.  Why?

1)  Facebook is a place where stupid mistakes happen.  It’s so easy, when you’re a tween, to put out too much personal information, get into facebook fights, post pictures you’ll regret, etc.,.  The list goes on.  Even my dad posts things that he regrets, and he’s middle-aged.

2)I really don’t think it’s a place that young tweens should be wasting their time on.  I didn’t even get a facebook until last year, and I don’t think it majorly revolutionized my life in any way…  There are so many more meaningful things a kid can be doing that trolling through their friend’s friends’ pages.

3)  Most importantly, my sister is not allowed to have a facebook.  And if I ‘friend’ her friend it would be like saying, I don’t respect a) the facebok regulations (ages 13 and up only) but mostly b) my parent’s beliefs and parenting ideas.

Anyway, maybe I’m just old-fashioned…  : /


Wow, so many things have happened!  In no particular order-

1)  My Biology teacher wears a different tie every class and I just think that’s so cool.  I decided to get one too.  Holla if you like the girl-wearing-tie fashion!


2)  My Dad had to leave today.  He’s going to be in another country for three months!  😦  I’m really going to miss him, but it’s for his job so I guess that’s good.  I also wish I could go with him 😀  I want to travel!!  But yeah, I’m a little sad today…

3)  Not to promote myself but––I made a picture the day before yesterday and  I’m really proud of it…!


4)  I’m going to be singing in a recital at a Nursing Home pretty soon.  I feel like it’s such a wonderful thing to bring young people and music into the lives of these seniors so I’m pretty excited.

5)  I attended an online college fair about studying in Canada, and decided to apply to yet another school.  I know, I know, I said 11 schools is enough but it was a good deal.  Here’s why:

a) The application fee was $24 dollars (as opposed to $75 for American colleges).

b) Studying in Canada is overall WAY cheaper than studying in the US.

c) The application process is quick.  No essays, or teacher recommendations.  It’s a dream come true.

d) I’m worried that I won’t get accepted anywhere!!!!  I just had too!!  Just in case!!!

e) This particular school notifies you if you’ve been accepted 3-4 days after you apply!!

f) I’ve always wanted to go to Canada.  This school is Nova Scotia which is supposed to be a gem.


Give yourself a high-five if you survived this post!

As for me, I should go do some homework…

Peace 😉



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