Valentine’s Day Blues

Salvete Amici,

So the funny thing is… I keep forgetting it’s going to be Valentine’s Day!  And I was brainstorming what  should write for the occasion, but this deviant got there ahead of me.  His name is mind-crash, and I wanted to share his thouhgts with you, since I couldn’t have said it better:

With Valentine’s quickly approaching. I am sure everyone is going throw emotional waves of love and hatred for the occasion.

I definitely run into a LOT of different moods during this time of the year, and to be honest, most of them are extremely bitter, and it surprises me. I think it’s because most of us grow up in a black and white world. We’re told Valentine’s Day iskyuteheart_by_mind_crash-d5u3a6z for Lovers and we must buy them expensive things like Diamonds DIAMONDS SPENCE DIAMONDS or we simply aren’t serious about loving them. And sometime’s it’s easy for some people to get stuck in what they’ve been taught instead of broaden their horizons and open up to our world that is constantly changing. And to tell you the truth as long as we allow for change, it will happen, change can’t just STOP.

Your life and your world is how you choose to live it. How you choose to enjoy it. So why let such a silly small occasion, such as Valentine’s day, get you down?

Because the holiday reminds you that you are forever alone? But how true is that? Just because you don’t have a lover we_can_change_the_world_by_mind_crash-d5nslf4holding your hand? What about your friends? Family? Or even co-workers? There’s a tons of people who care about you, and I am sure there are tons of people you care about. And if this isn’t the case. Maybe it’s time for you to stop being so afraid and open up your own heart. Sure it may get hurt… in fact, I guarantee it will probably get hurt at least a few times, everyone’s heart can hurt. But we can’t be afraid of pain and we can’t be afraid to live.

In my opinion that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

It’s about taking that step.
To love yourself, despite all of your flaws
To love the people around you, despite how much some have this bad habit that you just can’t stand.
To grow and learn in love, because love no matter what anyone says is the hardest subject.

I know this is not “historically correct” but neither is any of the merchandise. Or most holidays for that matter. But like I said, what you make out of life is how you create it. And it’s your choice to take on the positive or the negative.

If you liked the above post, you can visit mind-crash’s deviantART page here.




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