A Scare

Salvete Amici,

Something really scary happened recently.  You may or may not be acquainted with my cat:

I call him "Mr. Buddy."

I call him “Mr. Buddy.”

He is quite a character, and he was actually a somewhat of a wild cat before we took him into our home.  But since he had a habit of getting quarrelsome with other cats, and accumulating more ticks than is usually possible, we decided to make him an indoor cat.  And after we moved, we thought that letting him out of the house would only confuse him.  So now he’s an indoor kitty.

But only grudgingly so.  He inspects the front door anytime anyone goes in or out, and sometimes sits watching it intently for many minutes.  He has been known to make escape attempts.  He never got very far, though.

But a few days ago, my dad and his friend were loading this into the house, and while doing this, they left the front door ajar…  Fast forward two hours.  My sister remarked during dinner that she hadn’t seen the cat all day.

Our friend mentioned he saw the cat walking the around the yard, and we all stared at him.  WHAT?  The cat got OUT?  Knowing my cat, he was so eager to leave… what if he never came back?

Long story short, a bunch of us went out into the cold as a search party, only to return twenty minutes later to find him sitting on the porch.  He ran to his food bowl as soon as we let him in.

Moral:  Cat will never go far, because he will always be hungry at some-point.  Moral #2:  Cat is sneaky!




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