Fresh Air

Salvete Amici,

Today I waited until after lunch to turn on the computer, and what a difference that made!  Usually, I turn it on after breakfast; my brain hasn’t even fully formed, and my eyes are still foggy with sleep as I stare into the bright screen.  I’m not sure this is such a great thing.  I tend to feel more tired when I start a day on the computer.

Sometimes it’s really tempting to go on first thing.  Sometimes I’m waiting for an email, or I found a site the night before that I can’t wait to visit again.  But in the future I’d like to try to have more brain-breathers like today.  Maybe go for a short walk after breakfast to get the juices flowing, or listen to music, or do some menial chore.  Anything to let my mind start forming thoughts.

Let me know your thoughts on this.  Try taking a break one morning, and see how it feels.

Peace 😉



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