The Internet ≠ Your Life

The internet can be a depressing place.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits, especially when you’re part of a social networking site, or a blog.  These habits include wondering how your friends got so many friends while scrolling through their list, checking your own viewer stats, wondering why famous Youtubers got famous, Googling lots of SUPER talented people on Google, and then feeling untalented.  The internet is just too helpful.  It shows you exactly what you wanted to see.

What it doesn’t show you, however, is that those “talented” people make up only 2% of a world full of others who are staring at their screens, wondering why their lives didn’t turn out so great.  And it doesn’t tell you that the talented people might have nothing more to their lives than their one “5 minutes of fame” trick.  It also doesn’t tell you that the famous people didn’t just become famous instantly.  It took years sometimes, even lifetimes.  And they weren’t born talented.  They had to get up and learn their trick.  Google doesn’t explain that to you.


Second-guessing myself

You have to figure that out yourself.

Unfortunately, even though I know these things, I fall into the trap myself.  I like to think of myself as an active person.  I do not watch things passively, I try to imitate, do, surpass!  But watching my favorite Youtube band, Cimorelli, I often feel hopeless.  It seems like they can just burst into harmonized song, have a great time without even trying, sing amazingly, and dance with feeling!  Then I get inspired, try to make a music video, and realize that it’s a total mess.

How do they make it seem so effortless?

But then I realize, hey, they have real microphones, real equipment, brothers who play background music for them, and years of practice singing together.  And I’m trying to make a soundtrack in five minutes!  No wonder it’s hard!

But even though I realize this, I’m still a little disappointed.  I mean, if I can’t make a video that they’ll see, how will I ever meet them!!?

But that’s a different story all together 😀




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