Wow. So lots of things have happened as of TODAY!

I have so many things to say, I don’t know where to start…

What’s happened:

1)  I took my last exam at Bard, so that means schooltime is officially over!  Yay!  (That doesn’t mean I’ll stop learning though :p  In my homeschooling program we do online lesson though the breaks).  2)  Binghamton University notified me that my application was complete, and they are going to start looking it over…  3)  My Dad and I went on our first shopping trip of the season.  4)  I filmed some video auditions to send to a summer program.  5)  New subscriber!  Yay!

Okay so not much really happened.  I guess it just felt like it did!


You knew there was going to be one 🙂  My tip for the day is–  Don’t apply to more than 10 colleges.  Not only is it extremely difficult (for your parents if you’re homeschooled, and they have to act as counselor) and stressful (for you), but you can’t apply for financial aid for all of them.  That’s right.  The FAFSA website says “choose up to ten schools.”  If you have eleven… like me, then you’ll just have to hope you can afford the eleventh when the time comes.

But now it’s done.  And it’s late, so I must be off!





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