Sometimes I Wonder…



It’s natural to feel completely overwhelmed when you’re in senior.  Trust me; it seems like my life is ending every other day!

However, it’s okay to cry after you’ve been sitting around, surfing the internet, or any form of procrastiating.  Take it from me ^^.

Just keep in mind that this is it.  This is your chance to influence the rest of your life, so don’t take it lightly, don’t let it slip away.

That said, also keep in mind that college is not a guarantee.  It won’t give you wings for the rest of your life.  You will have other ups and downs once college is over.  Applying is just one of the hurdles in your life.

So just remember, any time you are feeling totally confused and overwhelmed; whatever happens is going to happen.  You can’t change it by worrying, and you’ll be fine.

Community college is always a quicker, cheaper option.  Though it may not seem as glamorous, have faith that you will find a way, meet friends, and take classes with that one amazing teacher.  Another thing is that you can be very successful, and happy without college.

And I’m counting on you to remind me that when I’m down again 🙂


PS.  This title comes from the Fame song, Out Here on My Own.

PPS.  You can see this drawing in its full glory by a) clicking on it, b) visiting my deviantART page.


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