Last Minute Things

Big piece of advice for the highschool senior: don’t decide to apply to Harvard just or fun. So you’re sitting there, you just sent in all your other applications, and you’re riding on an emotional high because you’re DONE!

You think, Hey, I wonder what the Harvard app is alike?  You search for it.  Find it.  Click on it.  FIll it out, and realize it’s actually super easy compared to some other ones (only one supplemental essay and some background questions about you).  You think, Hey, why not?  What if?  Click send.

Now that was a major mistake.

Before I started the college application process, I didn’t know how money-centric it was!  Every SAT you send after your first four free are $11.  College applications cost upward of $50 each.  So you just sent a $75 application for a school you probably won’t get into.  Well… I did.  So now that I’ve actually payed for this thing, I have to come through, making an Audio CD of my musical supplement and asking for an extra recommendation.  If I had just thought about this a little more my poor parents wouldn’t need to pay so much, I wouldn’t have to provide supplemental materials, and I could move onto more important things like, not failing finals!

Also, if I don’t get in, I won’t ever be able to apply again, for, say Grad school.

Ahh well…  Can’t cry over spilt milk, right?

On a separate note, I just opened a account!  Check it out… (fave and watch!!)

I keep daydreaming that I might meet one of the Cimorelli sisters in college and become best buds 😀

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