Dipping In… And Out Again

I submitted my college applications (yay!) and now only the homeschool stuff is left. So now I’m starting to think more and more about what it is I intend to do with my life. A few weeks again I met a registered nurse and decided that I really wanted to be a nurse. Some nursing programs are only two years long and nurses are always needed. Besides, I have a caring nature. It seemed like a great idea. Then I found out that nurses have to bathe people and change their adult diapers.
So then I switched to veterinarian. Now, that really sounded perfect. I love animals, and I could really imagine myself off in an African wildlife preserve, checking an elephant’s pulse.

But then I found out that vets have to assist in animal birthing.

So now I’m in a rut again. I’m still considering vet as an option, but I’m also thinking I could be a researcher who works with animals. But then I’d have to choose something to research. Meanwhile, my biology teacher is wondering why I’m failing because he thinks I have genius buried in there somewhere. But what if it never comes out? What if I just have a personality that makes me seem really bright, but I never amount to anything. I just feel like having too much potential might lead me to let people down, the people I care about most, who support me.

Anyway, that’s my problems for the day.



I really like monkeys. And sloths. Maybe I could be like Pi in “The Life of Pi,” who was a science/theology major and write poetic journal entries.
We’ll see.



What do you think?

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