The Fruits of Labor

Salvete Amici,

So yesterday some pretty cool things happened.

I was at my highschool/college program a little early, so I went to the college’s library to read a little before my class.

While I was sitting there (on a really cool bench made of books) a tour guide and two parents came through.  She was one of those college tour guides who seems to have a river of words pouring from her mouth, able to fill any space until her audience had a question.

She directed the prospie’s parents to a back shelf nearby, and told them that all the black books on that shelf were “Senior Theses.”  She went to explain that Bard students wrote a final paper in their senior year exploring something in their major.  Every student was freaked out about it, but everyone did it, so it was fine.  She pulled a book out of the shelf at random and read them the title, “Islamic Law and How it Influenced Pre-Westernized Society.”

When they left, I got up and began exploring the thesis shelves.  There were hundreds of black books, ranging in thickness, with only each senior’s first and last name printed in golden letters along the side.  I began selecting different ones at random and reading their titles.

One girl, a language and literature major, translated a whole book from French to English.  One boy wrote a whole analysis on pre-historic stuppas.  Luckily, I remembered that I had class at some point, and raced off.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about these projects.

I feel crazy thinking back on it now, but I started feeling like I was really excited about going to college, and writing a big paper like theirs’!  I began to see titles for theses in everything!

“The Role of Obesity in Cartoons and Comics,” “Gourmet vs. Fastfood; Conflicting Appeals,” “Ethics of Guns in America,”… The list went on.

It seems like such a challenging undertaking, but I am sure that once the senior has graduated, the feeling of the black book in their hands must be so satisfying!  And I can’t wait to feel that way.



What do you think?

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